Before you dive in, it's worth noting here that Kryptonian is its own language, and has its own rules about language structure. The dictionary here should be used as a tool to help understanding or learning Kryptonian. Just as with any language, if you try to translate a sentence by just replacing your native words with Kryptonian ones, you will probably fail miserably on anything but the most basic sentences (See spot run!). For a good translation, you must take into account differences in grammar, idiomatic meanings, word meanings, and so on.

Dictionary Tips

Quality of Results: Keep in mind, too, that this is a multi-lingual dictionary. There isn't always a direct translation between two languages; the word you are searching for in English may not return results - or, at least, the results you may be looking for. Sometimes you may need to be creative (or less creative) in your word searches.

Check the Meaning: Be sure to look at the full entry for words returned to make sure you have the meaning you are looking for. For example, if you search for 'boy' you will get results for 'baby', 'child', and 'adolescent' all of which can be translated to 'boy' in English, but which apply to different contexts in Kryptonian.

See Also: Whenever you encounter a "see also:" in the word description, you should be able to copy and paste any of the Kryptonian words into the Kryptonian search as a quick way to look them up.


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