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This website is home to the unofficial Kryptonian language project started in 2003 by Darren Doyle, and has grown to encompass information on all the various depictions of Kryptonian. The goal of the language project was to create a working Kryptonian language accommodating and reconciling as much of the Superman canon as possible. The writing system for this language is based on the substitution font released by DC Comics in 2000.

Kryptonian culture and its language (well, its writing, at least) have appeared in many different forms and places over the 75 years of Superman's history. Needless to say, finding all of the relevant material, let alone getting a coherent grasp of it, is a difficult and daunting task. Add to that the many revisions and inconsistencies between the various comic incarnations (some of which are huge) and then throw in radio, television, film, and books, which all seem to do their own thing, and the idea of combining all that has been published about Krypton into something consistent is downright impossible.

So what is to be done? The creation of a Kryptonian language requires that one bring together many inconsistencies with minimal "deconstruction" of canonized material. Sometimes seeming incompatibilities can be resolved beautifully, but sometimes the effort leaves you fuming over DC's many reboots.

The aesthetic for the Kryptonian historical culture is based largely on the Silver and Bronze age depictions of Krypton—a world with a violent past, strong family culture, ruled by a science council, and full of wonders. I also owe a lot of inspiration to Kevin J. Anderson's Last Days of Krypton for developing an understanding of how a race that had conquered interstellar travel could be completely doomed by the destruction of one planet. This is a conundrum that I have seen every depiction of Krypton struggle with.

Throughout the site you will encounter facts and references to Kryptonian culture and history; Although I try to rely on existing canon as much as possible, much of this material has been created by me for various reasons. Sometimes it is to supplement existing material and to provide a richer environment to draw from. Sometimes it is to explain why or how something works or came to be. Sometimes it is a method to explain or resolve inconsistencies (or to simply pick a side). It is with great deference to the creativity already poured into the Kryptonian mythos that I offer these creations, improvisations, and interpretations of my own.

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