I decided to build this little tool to help speed up the translation process for me. I figured I would throw it up here so that everyone could have fun with it! Basically it just parses through a string to insert all the correct ideographic symbols and double-letter symbols. For example, "rrutiv " (note the trailing space) would get changed to >qV (which is ">qV" in the Kryptonian font). Just type in the Kryptonese field, and it will auto-populate the Kryptonian field. Pretty slick, huh?!

JUST TO BE CLEAR: typing English (or anything other than Kryptonese) into the Kryptonese field will NOT produce Kryptonian. In other words:

THIS IS NOT A TRANSLATOR! Any meaningless gibberish that you end up tattooing to yourself is your own problem.

Rules for Usage
  • The parsing engine depends, mostly, on properly formed and punctuated Kryptonian sentences in order to properly detect some of the particles, symbols, etc.
  • For most of the symbols, the script is also looking for a trailing space (this helps eliminate false positives).
  • For the engine to recognize a verb suffix, you must append "=" to the end of the suffix.
  • For the engine to recognize a verb prefix, you must append "-" to the end of the prefix.
  • This is just for fun (and mostly for my own use) so don't complain if it eats your homework or something! ;)

INPUT (Kryptonese)

OUTPUT (kryptanúo)

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